2D-3D Art

with Ms. Parker

     In this fun and dynamic class, we created art through the practice of observation, imagination, and experimentation. The students in these 2D-3D classes had fun exploring art in different dimensions! Strong foundational skills in a variety of mediums were developed, with a heightened awareness of quality, in both mark making and construction, while students were also challenged to develop and sharpen their critical thinking skills. From drawing and painting to building sculptures with various materials, we focused on the process work as much as the finished product, in a relaxed, supportive environment where everyone felt free to express their own unique creativity!

     Basic photography skills were also emphasized, as each student did an outstanding job photographing all of their own artwork that you see here. Using 'Photo Quality Criteria', students learned how to take a clear sharp image with parallel angles, from an aerial viewpoint, and use cropping to eliminate the background visual noise without cutting off any of their artwork.

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Emotions in Art Antonia de Castro1 P3G11
3 2D3D Styrofoam Sculpture.jpeg
4 2D3D Sculpture Shadows.jpg
5 2D3D Paper Faces.jpg
6 2D3D Shadowology.jpg
7 2D3D The Art of Music.jpg
8 2D3D Art Rocks Guitar.jpg
2D3D orange bowl Mateo Ceballos De la To