6th Grade Art

with Ms.Parker

     These 6th grade art students traveled back through time as we stepped into the shoes of various famous artists who changed the course of art history. By learning about their personal lives, relating to what they were like as kids, and understanding what drove them to pursue art, oftentimes against all odds, students were then able to look at these artists' works in a whole new way, while analyzing and understanding the meanings behind the artwork. From there they created beautiful, expressive artwork of their own, inspired by the style of each famous artist we studied. With a particular emphasis on slowing down and developing a high level of quality using different mediums, we enjoyed the process of making the art just as much as we enjoyed the finished pieces!

     Basic photography skills were also emphasized, as each student did an outstanding job photographing all of their own artwork that you see here. Using 'Photo Quality Criteria', students learned how to take a clear sharp image with parallel angles, from an aerial viewpoint, and use cropping to eliminate the visual noise in the background, without cutting off any of their artwork. What an amazing job these artists did this year!

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1 I Call Myself.jpg
2 Romero Britto.jpg
3 Paul Cezanne.jpg
4 Georges Seurat.jpg
5 Marc Chagall.jpg
Matias Copia orange bowl.jpg