Wheel Bowls and Pinch Pots

Students learned how to create two different bowls: wheel bowls and pinch pot bowls. After creating these bowls, they glazed them with a mid-fire glaze which produces different textures and effects. They are the perfect size for an afternoon cereal or ice cream snack! 

For the name of artist, hover over the photographs. 

Sophia Negron Grade 9
Madison Ley Grade 9
Mia Duran Grade 9
Sofia Britton Grade 8
Kyle Singer Grade 7
Mia Duran Grade 9 Top View
Green Compilation
Lauren Brandon Grade 8
Alexandra Valvis Grade 8
Sofia Britton Grade 8
Ryan Singer Grade 9
Lauren Brandon Grade 8
Rayna Anders Grade 10
Blue Compilation
Sophia Negron Grade 9 Top View