Watercolor Eyes

While the Monochromatic Self Portrait Selfies were created to reflect entire facial expressions we miss during this pandemic, these watercolor studies, in contrast, were created to highlight just how important our eyes really have become during this time. We as a society have quickly shifted from reading lips during a conversation to reading eyes. The tiniest squint or turn of the eyes can communicate volumes. After a year of meeting, greeting and conversing with just our eyes showing, we have learned not only to read these expressions but also to appreciate just how beautiful each set of eyes is. In order to complete this assignment, students had to learn to layer with watercolor paint and blend washes of watercolors. Students had to draw eyes with accuracy, and not just any eyes...their own unique and beautiful set of eyes. As you scroll through these images, it'll feel as though these students are saying something to you....be sure to listen. 

To view this collection, scroll down and click on the artwork for a closer view along with name of artist .