Song Sculptures 

Students were asked to choose a song to inspire them to create a metaphorical illustration in a strong visual way. They were told to sculpt these pieces from solid chunks of clay and hollow them out later. Students went through an extensive process starting with a proposal, sketches, and then a very detailed sculpture. They were asked to use real life images to help them model the form accurately from different angles. Students who were home used self hardening clay and metallic paint to finish these off, and students who were in school used traditional clay and glazes. Scroll to view both types!

For a close-up view of the artwork along with the artists' name, click on the artwork.

Works in Progress

Unfortunately these works (which are made with traditional clays) are still firing in the kiln but they were just too beautiful to not show off. We will load the final, glazed products as they are intended to be seen as soon as they are finished. But for now, enjoy these process photographs!