Pop-Up Cities 

For this assignment, students were asked to choose an international city that they love and create a pop-up card that feels like a little escape into their choice destination. Once the cities were chosen, students researched various facts about the city and chose buildings and landmarks to include in their bustling city-scape. They practiced how to create pop-ups, experimented with ways to hide tabs, and engineered an all white "mock up" card before even starting their final card. In order to create their final product, students had to learn how to master several procedures such as marker layering, collage techniques, gluing techniques and color pencil techniques. The outside covers of the card were created by wrapping hand-painted paper around Mat board and designing bubble letter titles for these little metropolis wonders. The final construction was reinforced several times for extra-sturdy construction. In order to finalize this piece, students had to master several two-dimensional and three-dimensional skills. The final results are breathtaking. Enjoy your trip around the world! 

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