Monochromatic Selfie Self Portraits

During this time of Covid, it is easy to forget the joy of smiling or expressing ourselves with our faces. When we see a stranger nowadays, it is usually with a mask on or through a screen. This social situation has made this next assignment all the more meaningful. Through this challenge, students get the opportunity to express themselves with their entire face. In order to accomplish this safely, they were asked to take a photo-shoot of themselves at home with clear and expressive poses that represent who they are and how they feel. Then, they were asked to choose a color that represents themselves and paint their portrait using just that color, white and black. These students have already revealed so much about themselves and who they are through their works. Enjoy this artwork in different stages of progress. We hope this puts a smile on your face. 

For a complete look at the artwork and name of artist, scroll down and click on the thumbnail image.